Lee Je Hoon Says ‘Taxi Driver’ Is Different from Other Hero Series

Credit: SBS

Taxi Driver production team shared what Lee Je Hoon said about his comeback to the small screen after three years.

SBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama Taxi Driver is about a mysterious taxi company taking revenge on behalf of falsely accused victims. Lee Je Hoon will play Kim Do Gi, a former special force who now became a taxi driver. For his role, the actor will show off his thrilling action skills and piercing charisma.

“All men and women of all ages will be able to connect to Taxi Driver. I think the viewers will be satisfied with our drama. Also, I think there will be a consensus of hoping the company like ‘Rainbow Transportation’ actually exists.”

Credit: SBS

He challenged the action scenes for the first time.

“It was my first action-centered project, so there was a lot I had to prepare in advance. Before shooting, I attended an action school and practiced with the martial arts team under the action director’s guidance. I focused on keeping up my stamina.”

Lee even challenged the thrilling car-chasing scenes.

“Unlike when he drives ordinary customers, Do Gi drives with charisma when he’s on his way to catch villains. It’s one of the key things to look for in the drama. For most of the scenes, I filmed myself without a stand-in. I even drifted, overtook lanes, and speeded up for filming. I think I will be able to show you fancy car-cashing sequences without regret.”

Credit: SBS

He also expressed his affection for his role.

“Kim Do Gi is the kind of person who is always silent and unwavering under any circumstances. However, depending on the situation, his image and behavior may change completely. I think there will be joy in watching how diverse my character could be. Kim Do Gi can talk about ‘encouraging good and punishing evil’ as he helps the week and defeats the evil. But even if that happens in real life, will that be correct? And if not, it will make you think twice about the reasons. Our drama will be different from the previous hero works in the sense that it makes you think about these things.”

Lee also talked about Esom. The two will have a cat-and-dog relationship in the drama.

“When we act, we seriously exchange fierce eyes. However, we have the agony of having to hold back the touches of laughter. Our process of exchanging lines and reactions is perfect. It’s exciting and fun that I play a character who stands against Esom.”

Finally, Lee Je Hoon picked his key points for Taxi Driver.

“There is a clear difference between Taxi Driver and other hero works. And your stress will be relieved as you watch our drama. Also, director Park Joon Woo has a history of working on current affairs and culture programs. So he doesn’t just tell the story lightly, but he makes it possible for us to think more deeply. Watching that, I think I made a great choice joining this project.”

SBS’s Taxi Driver will premiere on April 9th.


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