DAY6’s Jae Apologizes for His “Sugar Daddy” Remarks During His Twitch Broadcast

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DAY6’s Jae apologized for making sexual remarks and actions during his personal Twitch broadcast.

On March 23rd, Jae took his Twitter account to apologize. “I sincerely apologize to those who were hurt by my actions. I will do my best to show better performances.”

Jae recently hosted a Twitch game broadcast with his friend. During his session, he used his avatar to make a gesture that resembled sex for game money. He then called the other avatar “Suger Daddy,” raising even more controversy. The term is characterized by “an older wealthier person and a younger person in need of financial assistance in a mutually beneficial relationship.”

When some fans pointed it out inappropriate, Jae shared, “I was joking. It may just be a cultural difference, but I will not comment. There’s nothing to explain. If this is a problem, I will just think that you already hated me.”

However, as the criticisms continued, Jae wrote a short apology.

Meanwhile, Jae made headlines last year when he complained about the treatment he received from JYP Entertainment.

Jae debuted as a member of DAY6 in 2015 after he made his face known through SBS’s K-pop Star Season 1. He suddenly halted his activities just before DAY6’s comeback in May last year.


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