‘River Where the Moon Rises’ Reaches Its Turning Point. What to Look for in the Remaining Episodes?

River Where the Moon Rises is a historical romance series. It has resurrected Princess Pyeonggang and General On Dal’s story in Goguryeo’s tales. The drama is cruising with a solid plot, sensuous production, and actors’ enthusiastic performances amid favorable reviews. And this week, it will reach its turning point. We will review the key points that will make the remaining story even more absorbing.

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Goguryeo that Pyeonggang dreams of, will she make it?

Pyeonggang was born as a princess but was raised as an assassin. Her entire childhood, she lived with the disgruntled people with the Goguryeo royal family and nobles. After she regained her memory, Pyeonggang enters the palace. However, she grieved that her father, King Pyeongwon, is swayed by the Five Tribes council led by Gyeru Tribe’s Gochuga Go Won Pyo. Therefore, Pyeonggang dreams of correcting the royal’s stature to make the better Goguryeo for the people. As a first step, she plans to reinstate the Sunno Tribe that was unjustly slaughtered eight years ago. Will Pyeonggang be able to empower the Sunno Tribe? And with their help, will she gain control over the royal family and start the new Goguryeo?


On Dal picked up a sword. How will he become a general?

On Dal picked up a sword for Pyeonggang’s grand dream. On Dal’s father, General On Hyeop, wished his son to live a different life from him and stay away from the blood-filled path. However, On Dal grabbed the sword to become his lover’s rock. He is improving quickly as a swordsman, absorbing Pyeonggang’s teachings. Expectations are high for On Dal’s growth and performance in the second half of the play.

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Go Geon is obsessed with Pyeonggang. What are his true feelings?

Go Geon, the song of Go Won Pyo, had his eyes on Pyeonggang for a long time. And now, he is determined to win her heart at any cost. As his first step, he won over King Pyeongwon and Crown Prince Won and took control over the royal family. What is his plan to make Pyeonggang his? And how will his obsession affect Pyeonggang and On Dal’s relationship?


Hae Mo Young is the spy from Silla. How will she affect Goguryeo?

Hae Mo Young is Sunno Tribe’s Lord Hae Ji Wol’s adopted daughter. She is also the Jangbaek herb store owner, the gateway of all information related to Goguryeo. When she was revealed as the spy from Silla, viewers were thrown into a world of shock. Now, Hae Mo Young is falling for Go Geon. In the remaining episodes, what choice will Hae Mo Young make as she’s conflicted between a woman in love and a spy from Silla? And how will her choice affect Goguryeo?

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The power struggle within Goguryeo is getting more complicated. What is the fate of this country?

Various interests are intertwined inside one country, resulting in a complicated situation. King Pyeongwon, who used to be nothing but a figurehead, came to his right mind with his daughter Pyeonggang’s appearance. But the threats to dethrone him continues. Go Won Pyo already believes that Goguryeo is in his hands. Cheonjubang’s chief Du Jung Seo only thinks about killing the king. And Pyeonggang has chosen Sunno Tribe’s Sa Woon Am to stand by her side. Attention focuses on the fierce power struggle these characters will showcase.


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