Lee Hwi Jae Sold an Autographed CD that Bravegirls Gave Him as a Gift

Credit: Newsen

Brave Girls’ signed CD, which was gifted to Lee Hwi Jae, became the center of controversy after its appearance on an online flea market.

A post with a picture from Naver Blog was made online on March 19th about Lee Hwi Jae. The buyer shows how he purchased Brave Girls’ autographed CD with second-hand online trading in the screenshot.

The buyer wrote, “This is the album that made headlines when Brave Girls became the talk of the town. I bought it because, surprisingly, no one was buying it. It’s a non-sale product, and I’ve never seen anything like a celebrity’s signature nor album, so I don’t know if 34,000 won is cheap or not.”

As explained, the CD is signed by Brave Girls’ members. The issue arose when it was revealed that it was given to Lee Hwi Jae as ‘To. Lee Hwi Jae’ was written on the album.

In the CD’s case, it was written: “Hello, Lee Hwi Jae. We’re Brave Girls. We saw you during the shoot for Vitamin, do you remember us? Our songs for this album are terrific. We hope you listen to them. Please look forward to seeing us. Thank you.”

Credit: Online Community

When the screenshots were posted, people started questioning whether Lee Hwi Jae sold the CD himself in the said online market. The controversy is on the rise, as they claim that even if he did not sell it, this means he gave Brave Girls’ signed CD to someone else without keeping it.


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