SHINee’s Key Unveils His New House for the First Time on ‘I Live Alone’

Key is to disclose his new house for the first time on I Live Alone. This SHINee member has lived apart from his family for eight years now. It is said that he demonstrated a ‘Key Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ moment by revealing a new side of the house that has a unique structure.

On an episode of MBC’s I Live Alone which will be aired at 11.10 p.m. KST on the 19th, SHINee’s Key will be seen spending a special day in his newly moved house. With the house of his dreams revealed, Key plans to live a new, minimal life after being the King of ‘extra.’ “I wanted to empty it all out,” he said. The singer is also seen to be raising two dogs, taking care of them as soon as he gets up. As he is seen to be running a vacuum saying “I’m sick of this,” Key is expected to clean around the house like a professional housewife.

Unlike his charismatic appearances on stage, Key turns into a ‘dog dad’ who serves his two dogs. The artist is to spend a busy day as he also takes care of the plants, planting seedlings in the mini garden.

Credit: Instagram / @bumkeyk

Questions are rising as to what will go in the ‘secret chamber’ of Key, and this will be available to be seen on I Live Alone on the 19th.


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