Three Ways ‘Mouse’ is Gaining Its Popularity from Viewers

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As well as surpassing its own highest ratings for two episodes in a row, Mouse has been receiving favorable reviews from both local and international viewers.

It’s getting enthusiastic reactions as an unmatched thriller drama that consists of outstanding screen visuals, exciting stories with twists and turns, and actors’ heartfelt performances. So let’s have a look at how Mouse has earned its popularity, based on the reactions of viewers back home and global.


1. Visual Aesthetics that Make the Story Come to Life �

“If the director intended to heighten viewers’ imagination, enigma, and curiosity, this is a great success of theirs. At least for me” (Username Fore***), “What is this ‘give and take’ style of this drama? It’s so good at hiding, exposing, giving and taking, all in the right moment. What a powerhouse.” (Bada**), “I guess you would call it a beautiful cruelty? Anyways, there’s a certain mise-en-scène that can only be felt in Mouse. It clearly shows the story’s purpose.” (Ok-m**)

The director of Mouse, Choi Joon Bae, introduced the drama at the press release saying that “while it is strong, it allows you to feel a mixture of fear and sadness.” Like his words, while Mouse deals with heavy subject matters, it uses dramatic techniques as its tools to explain the depth of the story and persuade viewers, providing them with complete satisfaction.


2. The Refreshing Story Which Catches Viewers Off Guard and Keeps Them on Their Toes

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“It’s like an intriguing mystery novel. It’s fun to see the plot unraveling one after another with a strong background story.” (what**), “It’s fun to take hints from the comments, deduce what is happening, develop the story, and get closer to the facts.” (Moring**), “The development in these episodes are going very fast. I hope they can keep their pace up.” (TheD**)

With the main plot as the mystery between the ‘Predator,’ one of the top 1 percent of psychopaths, and the characters who chase behind them, the drama keeps viewers entertained as it throws in hints in each episode which allow theories to arise. In addition to how the attractive characters connect and get through conflicts, viewers’ curiosities also lie upon how the clues revealed so far will be used, and what other twists will be presented.


3. Phenomenal Acting Skills of Actors Who Epitomize Their Characters

Credit: tvN

“When the camera zooms in the actors’ eyes as they get into their characters. I love the acting at that moment.” (ome**), “From main to supporting characters, the cast members are all so perfect. There’s not one mishap.” (sole20**), “Where’s the casting director at? I’d like to say my thanks to them” (Kim Ji **), “I can feel that the actors really love and respect this work. I can just tell that by looking.” (chan**)

Lee Seung Gi, who plays Jeong Ba Reum, shocked everyone in the fourth episode when he suddenly appeared in the dark with a cold-blooded look. Lee Hee Joon also became Go Moo Chi to lead the drama with his realistic performance. Added are the delicate acting skills of Park Ju Hyun and Kyung Soo Jin as they express the complexity of characters who have extraordinary pasts. Outstanding actors such as Ahn Jae Wook, Kim Jung Nan, Jo Jae Yoon, and Ahn Nae Sang are also making the drama even more immersive.


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