CIX’s Seunghun & Hong Eunki’s Movie ‘Turn: The Street’ to Be Released on March 31st

The movie Turn: The Street, dubbed the Korean version of Step Up, confirmed its release on March 31st.

Turn: The Street tells the story of young people who are wandering between dreams and reality. They unite together by loving passionately, sharing friendships, and growing up together for one single goal, dance. Today, the character posters that stimulate emotions with lines that contain sincerity toward the main characters’ dreams were unveiled.

Credit: 26Comapny

Seung Hoon, a natural dancer, became an idol trainee with his exceptional dance skills but lost his way after leaving the agency.

His character poster represents the dance competition he dreamed of. It captures his gaze that looks as if he’s looking at his bright future and his belief that “dancing is freedom of the soul.” Seung Hoon, who has always done his best, feels trapped in anxiety when everything falls apart: His love faded after coming by chance, conflicts with friends continue, and his dream drifted away. With Jong Yoon’s help, which gives sincere advice, he is ready to run towards his dream once again. CIX’s Seunghun, who will showcase his new charm, played the role.

Jin is about to make her debut. She looks somewhat exhausted from endless practice in the poster as her debut preparations are nearing the end. But it still conveys her belief in “how she feels alive when she dances.” Actress Choi Yeon Cheong’s delicate performance raises expectations.

Credit: 26Comapny

Jong Yoon left the agency with Seung Hoo because of Seung Hoon’s mistake. His poster increases the tension by combining the line “I bet my life on it” as representing all the youth wandering and running toward the goal with his serious expression. Hong Eunki, who showed various charms in Produce 101 Season 2, played Jong Yoon. He will be showcasing fantastic friendship chemistry with Seunghun.

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