Soyou Says Lee Hyori Contacted Her First About the Song

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Soyou will release a new song eight months after GOTTA GO, which was released in July last year. Lee Hyori and musician Babylon, who has recently upped his profile as a producer, drawing enthusiastic responses from music fans, has written and composed her comeback song “Good Night MY LOVE”. Including the warm guitar and piano sounds, Lee Hyori’s lyrics deliver sincere consolation. It will provide spring-like comfort to modern people who are exhausted, combined with Soyou’s soft vocals and delicate sensibility.

Soyou shared her feelings about the comeback and the behind-the-scenes stories of her new song through her label.

Q1. How do you feel about releasing a new song after 8 months?

To be honest, I’m very excited because it feels like it’s been a lot longer than 8 months. I am releasing this new song hoping that it would give a little bit of healing for many people.


Q2. Your new song made headlines with Lee Hyori and Babylon’s participation. It was reported that you got the song as a gift from them. Please tell us more.

Lee Hyori contacted me first and played the song for me. She asked me, “What if you sing this in this time when everyone is having a difficult time?” I was just grateful. I have also been in contact with Babylon to collaborate on a song, and fortunately, I got to work with him this time.


Q3. What was it like working with Lee Hyori and Babylon?

We minimized the instruments. We wanted people to focus on my voice so they can feel as if I was talking right next to them.


Q4. What did you focus on the most when recording the song?

I tried hard not to oversing it and be as comfortable as I could. Like I said before, I wanted to make it feel as if I were actually having a conversation (with the listeners).


Q5. Your favorite lyrics in “Good Night MY LOVE”?

I love the lyrics, “I want to hear your story.” These days, I don’t go out as much and just watch TV and phone a lot, so I feel like I’ve lost the preciousness of people around me at some point.


Q6. What kind of song do you want “Good Night MY LOVE” to be for the public?

I wanted to hear the stories of those around me. If someone’s having a hard time, I want to be a good listener, and I know I need one, too.


Q7. Any episode from filming the music video?

There aren’t many episodes, but I hope you focus more and the music video and music. The director recommended actor Yeon Je Wook, and I personally called Jo Dal Hwan and So Jin for help. They all willingly accepted the offers and told me that they loved the song, so I would like to say thank you once again to the actors who have helped me a great deal.


Q8. Last words to fans.

I’ve returned with a new song after a long time, and I just hope you listen to it comfortably. You’ve done a great job today.


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