BIGBANG’s Daesung is Running a Secret YouTube Channel?

It was belatedly known that Daesung of Bigbang has been active as a YouTuber since last year after he got discharged from the military.

Credit: Top Star News

According to SpoTV News on the 11th, Daesung has been a YouTube since June 25th last year, as he created a personal channel and continuously uploaded for about eight months straight.

What stands out is that there are no signs of Bigbang’s Daesung in the channel. As if it has not yet been found by fans, Daesung is continuing his small hobby without showing his face, as an anonymous channel titled ‘D’splay’ on a small channel with about 80 subscribers.

The content of the channel includes drum cover videos and a storytelling video for foreign words using Legos. Starting with the first video being Bigbang’s “Bad Boy” drum cover video is G-Dragon’s “Crooked,” Big Bang’s “Good Boy,” “BANG BANG BANG,” Black Pink’s “DDU DU DDU DU”, “Kill This Love,” and other songs of his fellow YG artists.

Most subscribers said in the comments that he looks familiar and that he probably would have been quite famous in his previous life, acting as if they do not know of his identity. While his face has not been revealed, one can easily recognize Daesung’s voice along with his side profile.

As Daesung uploads his self-made and edited videos, updating fans, expectations are also rising for his return as a singer.


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