Jo Byung Kyu’s Alleged School Bullying Victim Claims the Agency Continues to Threaten Him and Proposes Public Verification

Credit: Jo Byung Gyu Instagram

A, who claims himself to be Jo Byung Gyu‘s alleged school victim during their days in New Zealand, raised suspicions of the actor’s agency’s involvement in the continued threats he received.

A posted a lengthy article on his Instagram account “victimofmr_cho” starting with the sentence “This is what happened after I wrote New Zealand school bullying post.” In his post, he listed all the events that took place from February 20 to March 4.

He stated that Jo’s legal representative urged him to delete the posts and post an apology, and at first, he was leaning towards his suggestions but eventually decided not to and firmly stand on his two feet.

In this post, the person titled “W” caught the attention. According to the post, A is currently considering W as a figure from Jo’s agency.

In his February 24 article, he wrote, “ found something unusual about direct messages (DMs) that I got. This person using ID wqxxxx (W) knew everything about me and my surroundings and pressured me. I was terrified that someone was watching me.”

Credit: Instagram “victimofmr_cho”

W continued to appear. A continued, “W’s DMs, which started on the 24th, continued every day without a break. When I didn’t answer, he freely crossed my surroundings, including my girlfriend, and pressured me intelligently by mentioning me, my girlfriend, my family, and my company coworkers. At first, I was afraid of him, but I was relieved after I knew that I had nothing more to lose.”

W is the person who posted an article that was supportive of Jo Byung Gyu under the Instagram ID “wqwqh22.” In his writing, he wrote, “I’m so sad that Jo is suffering from the writing that has been exaggerated with jealousy, so I share this after giving it much thought. The bottom line is, posts about Jo’s school bullying are exaggerated too much, and I think (the alleged victims) wanted to make things big because they are envious of Jo, who now became so famous.”

If W is really an official from Jo’s agency as A claims, it means that the post written to defense the actor and the threatening messages A received are done by Jo’s agency HB Entertainment.

“I suggest we should publicly verify our claims, including those omitted for the sake of circumstances. W must be present too. If the satisfactory reply and explanation don’t follow, there will be an appropriate response to reveal the truth,” A stated.


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