Jo Byung Gyu Sternly Refutes the Alleged Victim’s Claims and States He Will Chase Down the Accuser Till the End

Credit: Jo Byung Gyu Instagram

Jo Byung Kyu took his Instagram to personally address his alleged school bullying victim’s claims.

Earlier today, A, Jo Byung Gyu’s alleged school violence victim, wrote a lengthy post about how Jo Byun Gyu’s agency continued to threaten him. Since the post grew into another controversy as A suggested public verification, the actor personally stepped up to sternly refute all claims.

“I strongly vowed not to respond to anonymous malicious comments anymore, but I couldn’t stand this time, so I’m writing this. How can I prove that I am not the culprit? How am I supposed to remember everything that happened 11 to 16 years ago? Yes, it is true that I am not a saint who never hurt anyone and was a friend to everyone. I was once bullied just because I was skinny and small. Then am I the victim from now on?

I believe a school is a place to learn how to become a good and well-functioning adult in society through trial and error, conflict, and learning before you form your identity. I admit there were trials and errors while I growing up. But that’s within legal and ethical boundaries. I won’t deny that. Why should I apologize for something I have not done in my childhood before I even wanted to become an actor? If this is something I have to be sorry about, I’ll apologize. I’m sorry.

I never friended everyone in my school or class. I was friends with a few and they were good people. I believe my narrow network and my apathy towards the people outside of my clique were the issues. My career of 10 years is already ruined and I had to halt my future projects. I can’t even estimate how much damage that the accusatory post has caused me. Mental damage? I only stare at the ground whenever I went outside and I couldn’t sleep for the past few weeks. I am pleading to pathos but the anonymous post is telling the truth?

My lawyer and agency never pressured you with money and if that came across as a threat, how am I supposed to reach out to you, who is residing overseas and hiding behind the anonymity? You reached out to my lawyer through your acquaintance, asking for forgiveness. Why do you send your apology through your acquaintance and ask the legal opinion? I don’t understand. And don’t you dare to blame others for the dismissal caused by your negligence at your work. This person is well aware of how bringing up this issue as gossip would damage me tremendously.

Accomplice. I think you’d know better why you’d think there is one. Nothing matters now, and thank you for leveling the playing field. I don’t want to make my agency and my people suffer anymore. I wanted to keep my dignity but I am a person, too, so I’m going to put down everything and speak up to protect myself. I am going to chase down the accuser and malicious commenter to the end.”

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