Mina Says She Was Sexually Assaulted by a Famous Celebrity When She was Still in Middle School

Credit: Mina Instagram Live

Former AOA member Mina confessed that she was sexually assaulted by a man who now is a famous celebrity when she was a middle school student.

On March 7, Mina held an Instagram Live session and had time to chat with her fans. And during her talks, she confessed that she was physically assaulted by older students and that one of them seven sexually assaulted her.

Mina recalled, “Once, my friend told me that she was going somewhere, and I got worried for her and went to stop her, but ended up going to the place with her. After she got the call, we went to an empty house, and there, a male student who looked about 2 years older than us was waiting for us.”

“I got beaten with a beer bottle and a fist for hours. And after that, I was raped,” she continued and added that the person who raped her became a famous celebrity who everyone knows by name. After being reprimanded by her friend’s uncle, who she thought to be a security guard but turned out to be “someone scary,” the perpetrators admitted their mistakes and apologized to Mina.

She added, “They admitted their wrongdoings and apologized, so (the bad feelings) didn’t piled up. I couldn’t walk on my way home, so I almost crawled my way. I didn’t report it because I thought if my parents knew, something bad will happen and they would worry for me.”

Meanwhile, Mina also brought up AOA’s Jimin during her live session. Saying that she still hasn’t received an apology, Mina shared, “I want someone to see me and be brave, and I hope the victim doesn’t walk on eggshells, don’t have nightmares, and don’t get pressured.”


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