Blinks Are Furious over YG’s Lies Regarding Rose’s Solo Debut

Credit: YG Entertainment

Blinks around the world are both euphoric and pissed about Rose’s solo debut.

On March 8, YG unveiled the music video teaser for “On The Ground,” the title track of Rose’s debut single. In the teaser, the idol has exuded her glamour and elegant charm inside the back of a limousine. As she gazes fondly into the camera, the melody with the lyrics “on the ground” is flowed out, raising expectations for her long-awaited solo debut.

But even with the release of the teaser, Blinks (especially Rose’s fans) are seemingly pissed by the lies that YG Entertainment. For over the past two years, the label has been continuously making promises about members’ solo albums, saying it will be “released soon” or “released this year.” However, not a single piece of news about Blackpink’s solo projects was given to the fans, but only the group’s full album that only had a total of 8 tracks (2 songs were already pre-released).

On top of that, despite YG’s earlier statement about Rose’s debut album coming out in the form of a mini-album or a full-album, the actual release has been decided as a single, which mostly includes one or two songs and three songs at tops.

It seems like these angers are shared by both Korean and international fans. Here are some of the comments: “I’m pissed, but I kind of understand their choice since Jennie’s solo album was also a single.” “Rose deserves better. BP deserves better.” “Not even surprised, considering they delayed her solo debut for 2 years.” “I won’t be surprised if after Blackpink disbanded (maybe 10 years later), the songs that were supposed to be in Rose’s ‘mini album’ circulate as ‘demos’ for YG’s newest girl group.”

Meanwhile, Rose became the only Korean artist to participate in the playlist theme exclusively organized by Apple Music on the occasion of “World Women’s Day.” Rose recommended 25 songs that she chose herself for the playlist – Amy Winehouse’s “Love is a losing game”; Blackpink’s “Lovesick Girls” and “DDU-DU DDU-DU”; and Jenni’s “SOLO.”


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