Eugene Makes Viewers Get Goosebumps All Over with Her Legendary Performance

Eugene made viewers teary with her heartbreaking performance.

Credit: SBS

As the actress plays the role of Oh Yoon Hee, who turns into a monster after risking her life as a mother in SBS’s Fri-Sat series The Penthouse 2: War in Life, she made viewers sob as she cried out in sorrow.

In the 6th episode of The Penthouse, the grief of Oh Yoon Hee was portrayed as her daughter Bae Ro Na (played by Kim Hyun Soo) was about to die from a sudden accident.

Oh Yoo Hee was seen running frantically down the stairs in which she found a person bleeding under them. After the announcement for the Grand Prize at the Cheong Ah Arts Festival, she found out that the person in front of her was Ro Na and fell apart right there and then as she hugged the body of her blood-soaked daughter. While Ro Na was taken to the hospital and eventually fell unconscious, Oh Yoo Hee wailed as she ran out of breath, and even fainted.

Credit: SBS

Eugene was seen to perfectly embody Oh Yoon Hee’s character with her amazing ability to focus and passionate performance. As she expressed a mother’s heart-breathing pain in front of a daughter who is struggling with death, her performance made viewers shed tears along with the character. Instead of a wicked figure who seeks revenge, Eugene was able to portray a mother figure who cries while embracing her daughter. Many are saying that she can illustrate a multi-dimensional character with flexible expressions of feelings.

Oh Yoo Hee, who has an inner dilemma between good and evil, has become more delicate with Eugene’s acting skills. Hence, attention is focused on what kind of direction Eugene will lead Oh Yoon Hee to, throughout the rest of the drama.

Meanwhile, SBS’s drama The Penthouse 2 airs every Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m. KST.

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