Solbi Apologizes for the Moldy Cake Controversy from Her Cafe

Singer and TV personality Solbi has come forward to apologize for the moldy cake controversy.

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She wrote a lengthy post to her SNS account on the 6th saying, “I sincerely apologize for what recently happened at the cafe.”

The singer added, “I am so sorry to the victim. You must have been very shocked. I’m also really upset and heartbroken to hear that your child had the said cake. While I sincerely apologize to the victim, I will also do my best to take responsibility to resolve this.”

Solbi wrote that if she got to know what had happened right away on March 1st, she would have been able to do something then and there. “However, I heard the news yesterday through an acquaintance, instead of the cafe. I am also sorry for this. It hurts to think that the victim must have been going through it alone while I was not aware of the incident,” she explained.

Nevertheless, the star apologized for the incident which happened within a space with her name on it. She ended by saying that she will take more responsibility and carefully examine to prevent further confusion. “I sincerely apologize once again to the victim and their family. I am sorry,” she said.

Solbi was previously embroiled in the controversy as the cafe famous for her ‘Solbi Cakes’ sold a cake filled with mold. An online post was made to an online community on the 5th, titled ‘I had to pay for a moldy cake, and the kids ate it.’

Credit: Online Community

According to the original poster (OP), the cafe manager explained that the said cake was not for sale as it was a display product. “When I bought the cake, other cakes on sale were also displayed in the same case as the moldy cake. Where would have all the fungi floating in the air gone?” they wrote. It was also revealed that they offered 2 million won in compensation without even asking how the child was after eating the cake and that half of the money was gift coupons for the same cafe the cake was sold from.

The cafe then posted an apology statement not once but twice, as they apologized for causing inconvenience to customers. “We do not intend to leave it to the responsibility of the part-time worker, nor employees. This is fully our company’s responsibility.”


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