Minho’s Sweet Answer to a Child Who Asked about Jonghyun’s Absence Brings Fans to Tears

SHINee’s Minho mentioned Jonghyun, his teammate who passed away a few years back, and his words have brought fans to tears.

Credit: YouTube “odg”

On March 4, a video titled “Kids Review K-Pop Star’s Career (Feat. SHINee)” was uploaded on YouTube channel “odg.” In this video, SHINee members each sat down with kids who were born after the group debuted and had time to introduce themselves.

Teamed up with an 11-year-old girl named Ha Eun, Minho watched different performances and listened to various songs by his group.

While watching the rather recent clips, Ha Eun asked, “Why is one person missing?” and Minho hesitantly replied, “Yes, one person is missing.”

Not knowing SHINee’s story, the girl responded with another question, “Who? Why? Did he leave the group?” Minho then calmly and carefully introduced Jonghyun by saying, “He’s uncle Jonghyun…um..he’s not well.. so…”

Credit: YouTube “odg”

The girl added, “Oh, then he’s not a bad uncle,” to which Minho answered, “Yes, he’s not a bad uncle, he’s a good uncle.” The two then continued to enjoy the first song SHINee released as a four-member group.

Fans who watched the video were moved to tears by Minho’s thoughtful words. They commented, “I started to cry when Minho introduced Jonghyun,” “God, I miss Jonghyun so much,” and “Minho, you explained well.”

SHINee debuted in 2008 as a five-member group, but Jonghyun passed away in December 2017 and SHINee became a four-member group. Recently, they released their 7th fill-album Don’t Call Me and have topped major music charts.

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