Park Bom Moves to Ganghwa Island to Lose Even More Weight?

Singer Park Bom unveils everything about her daily life in Ganghwa Island on tvN’s On & Off which aired on the 2nd.

Becoming the talk of the town after recently having lost 11kgs of weight, Park Bom catches the eye with her changed appearance. “I came to Ganghwa Island to focus more on my diet and solo album,” she explained her reason for moving. She is to show off her wild charms and daily routines.

As she started with breakfast, she gobbled up lettuce wraps. It is said that Park Bom made people laugh as she was tempted by bread and sneakily got her hands on the bread while her manager went to the bathroom. The artist also prepares a special gift for her neighbor’s mother, who she considers a family. Park Bom challenges making meringue with a hand whisk, in order to make ‘souffle omelet.’

Credit: Biz Tribune

The artist also shows the recording site of her new song. She demonstrates her nationally-renowned vocal skills, impressing viewers. Members back in the studio showed their support for her new song, especially as they saw a professional ‘ON’ side apart from her daily ‘OFF’ side on the show.

Meanwhile, tvN’s On & Off airs every Tuesday night at 10.30 KST.


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