MC Mong Opens Up About Alleged Dodging of Military Service

Credit: YouTube “1theK”

Singer MC Mong expressed his honest opinions about the suspicions over his attempted dodging of the draft.

On March 1, the youtube channel “1theK” released an interview video of MC Mong titled “What if MC Mong had served in the army? Some facts about MC Mong you didn’t know.”

In this video, the singer had time to explain all the allegations against him. In June 2010, MC Mong suspended his activities after being embroiled in various suspicions over his attempted dodging of his military service, including intentionally removing his teeth to be disqualified for the draft.

As a result of the trial, MC Mong was acquitted of dodging military service, but the postponement of military service through the civil service exam was found guilty, and he was sentenced to six months in prison with one year in probation and 120 hours of community service.

MC Mong explained, “People think I served time in prison, but I actually did community service for his grandma and grandpa. I was ready for the hard work, but they were so healthy that I had nothing to do. So I volunteered to work at a more difficult place, so I went to farm that summer.”

Credit: YouTube “1theK”

Because of his genetic disease, his teeth were bad enough to make him a physically disabled person, and he had to remove more than 10 teeth because of this illness. (Of all the teeth he pulled out) None of them were healthy teeth, and the court cleared his name after examining documents. MC Mong added, “My family all face a similar situation. But this whole thing is just pathetic. I don’t want to say anything more (about this).”

MC Mong expressed his anger at the comment, “The Ministry of National Defense said they would enlist him, but MC Mong refused the offer.”

“This is just absurd. I was exempted and acquitted, and this means that I can never enlist even if I die. But the rumors grew, and I became a person who waited till I turned 35 and released the song ‘Miss Me or Diss Me.’ But this is something I have to live with. I no longer want to say, ‘This is unfair.’ So I never said much, and I think this is the first time I say this,” he shared.

Lastly, MC Mong expressed his determination, “I will live more morally in the future, and no matter what the consequences are, I will repay them my whole life.”

Since the video was released, it has gone viral, sparking heated responses from netizens. Now, the video has been deleted. It is assumed that such a measure was chosen to avoid a slew of malicious comments.

Meanwhile, MC Mong will drop his 9th album FLOWER 9 today.


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