Ji Soo Embraces Kim So Hyun in ‘River Where the Moon Rises’

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Ji Soo holds the daughter of his enemy, Kim So Hyun, in his arms. In River Where the Moon Rises, Ji Soo tells her to make a fresh start by living not as a princess or fighter, but as Yeom Ga Jin herself.


In an episode of KBS 2TV’s River Where the Moon Rises aired on the 1st, an affectionate hug between Ondal (Ji Soo) and Pyeonggang (Kim So Hyun) was depicted. Ondal was seen to be embracing Pyeonggang, the daughter of King Pyeongwon. In the midst of all, Pyeongyang bursts out saying, “Everything was dizzying and scary. Why should I be a sinner? I feel wronged. I feel mistreated and angry. But I thought it would be okay if you would understand. That I can forget the past. Then I’ll be happy.”

To this, Ondal replied, “Who said it was your fault? I’m exhausted as well. I want to take care of you because I’m worried about you, but I can’t. You remind me of my father. I would be a shameless man if I liked you despite being the daughter of King Pyeongwon.”

Credit: Victory Contents

At last, the princess said that they are punished for the crimes they haven’t even committed. Then Ondal had her in his arms and affectionately told her to “live here as Yeom Ga Jin. Do whatever you want. You’re not a princess, but just Yeom Ga Jin.”

When asked by Pyeonggang whether he was forgiving her, he said, “What am I forgiving for when you haven’t done anything wrong?” Then the princess promised to never get blood on her hands again and to have her swords thrown away.

Credit: Victory Contents

Meanwhile, the relationship between Go Won Pyo and Doo Jung Seo has been broken, and the prior gets attacked by the killers. At the end of the episode, Doo Jung Seo finds Pyeonggang, signaling a storm on its way.


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