Upcoming K-Drama: A Character Guide to “Human Hunter Chase” Drama ‘Mouse’

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On March 3, Mouse is expected to open a new chapter of the K-genre. tvN’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama Mouse is a “human hunter chase” drama about a polite rookie police officer and a ruthless detective, whose life goal is to revenge his parent’s death, facing an unexpected fate as they chase the vicious “Predator.” Black and God’s Gift: 14 Days writer Choi Ran penned the script, and Come and Hug Me director Choi Joon Bae helmed the production.


Lee Seung Gi – Jung Ba Reum

Credit: tvN

He’s a rookie police officer with impeccable handsomeness and a kind personality. Yes, he is an officer, but he visits senior citizens living alone in the neighborhood and helps them with laundry and repairing boilers. Massages and cute tricks for them are a bonus. Taking care of stray cats is also his job. His life filled with justice and kindness, however, changes completely after his confrontation with a psychopath killer.


Lee Hee Joon – Go Moo Chi

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Assaulting suspects is a must and expediency and illegal investigation are an option. He has the best arrest rate, but he became a detective for one reason – to take revenge on the murderer who killed his parents. His only life goal is to enter the detention center where the murderer is and kill him. And in his search of psychopaths, the Predator captures his eyes. To catch a monster, Go Moo Chi is willing to be a monster and constantly provokes him.


Park Ju Hyun – Oh Bong Yi

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She is a troubled high school student who lives alone with her grandmother. She looks like a kid who doesn’t bother to study and visits the martial arts gym every day (she’s a 10-tier martial arts girl), but deep down, she has a deep scar that she can’t erase. � After the incident ten years ago, she realized better than anyone else that she is the only one in the world who could protect herself. So she always maintains the basic position of “defense” to protect herself.


Kyung Soo Jin – Choi Hong Joo

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She is a talented production director known as “Sherlock Hong Joo.” She is proud of herself, and if she wants, she will throw her whole body to broadcast the incident somehow. At a young age, she won the Chunsang Art Award, various journalists’ awards, and special awards, making her one of the most talented reporters in the station. She and Moo Chi first encounters on bad terms, but since then, she is in and out of the police station as if it were her own home to obtain information for her broadcast. One day, one murder case locks on Hong Joo’s radar! But somehow, the closer she gets to this case, she opens the Pandora’s box she has been hiding for the past 25 years.


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