IU Picks “Most Ideal Voice” as SHINee’s Onew

Credit: YouTube “이지금”

IU met up with SHINee to celebrate the group’s long-awaited comeback and conducted a 40-minute long interview.

On Feb 27, IU’s official YouTube channel “Lee Ji Geum” posted a new episode of “IU’s Palette” titled “A SHINee-ing Palette (With SHINee) Ep.5.”

In the video released, IU mentioned her previous relationships with SHINee members who debuted the same year as her.

She first recalled the joint stages with Key and Taemin about 10 years ago, then mentioned the 2012 sitcom Salamander Guru and the Gang that she and Minho appeared together. IU shared, “Back then, you were like the best looking of all idols. I remember thinking, ‘I hate being on the same screen with him.’”

Though IU and Onew had no previous relationship, the singer praised him, saying, “It’s my first time saying this, but I think that your voice is most ideal to me.” Onew had a clear question mark on his face, but IU continued, “If I were a guy, your voice is very similar to how I wish mine would sound.”

She added, “I think your tone barely changes. When you get older, your voice tends to change as well, but your voice has stayed the same since your debut. It has that pure boyishness. So when you sing ballad songs and hit the high notes, you don’t seem to do anything fancy, but it has a high resonance.”

IU also shared, “After 14 years, I finally get to talk about this. I wish that we’ll get to sing together,” raising expectations for IU & Onew collaboration.

Meanwhile, SHINee released their 7th full-album Don’t Call Me on Feb 22.


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