Kim Jae Hwan Takes a Win on ‘Immortal Songs’ with ‘Cherry Blossom Ending’

Singer Kim Jae Hwan has presented a different version of “Cherry Blossom Ending.”

Credit: KBS

KBS 2TV’s Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend aired on the 27th, as it featured a special episode of songs requested for hope part 2.

After being chosen as the third contestant in the episode, singer Park Seo Jin received a story from a viewer who requested for Na Hoon Ah’s “Hometown Station.” He appeared while playing the drum instead of Janggu. (Translator’s Note: Janggu is a traditional Korean drum.) He excited viewers with the trot melody which followed the spectacular performance. “I brought the big Korean drum because I thought the Janggu wouldn’t be enough, and I wanted to show a different side of myself. If it doesn’t work today, I will try tightrope walking,” he explained. Ultimately, Park Seo Jin took one win, beating Lee Young Hyun.

Credit: Behind Press

The following was Kim Jae Hwan’s stage. He told the story of a job seeker, as Busker Busker’s “Cherry Blossom Ending” was requested by a viewer who was looking for jobs. Kim Jae Hwan performed a lively and energetic version of the song while playing the guitar on stage. He also took one win after defeating Park Seo Jin.


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