Kang Daniel Says He Refused to Go On ‘Law of the Jungle’ Because He’s Such a Homebody

Singer Kang Daniel has revealed his reason for avoiding entering the jungle.

In an episode of SBS’ Law of the Jungle: Pioneers which aired on the 27th, Byung Man’s tribe is seen to be exploring for food to survive.

Kang Daniel found potatoes with Bakgoon. To this, Bakgoon asked, “I heard you can’t have seafood, so shouldn’t we dig a lot of this?” The solo singer stated that he is allergic to seafood. “I can’t eat things with hard shells like clams, shrimps, lobsters, or pen shells because I’d get rashes even just by touching them,” he revealed.

Credit: SBS

Bakgoon then continued to talk about how lucky they were to find those potatoes. “We would be in trouble without this. You can’t just only eat the arrowroot. I’m so glad we found these.” He also asked Kang Daniel if he had any difficulties after his debut. “Nothing was difficult for me, not in the job. But my personality is outgoing while my lifestyle is introverted. So I kept running away from this show,” the singer explained.

Credit: iMBC

“I suddenly wanted to do it this time, though. I wanted to do something because I stayed home so much, and I think it’s fun.”


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