BTS J-Hope Says He Even Recorded ‘Dis-ease’ All by Himself

BTS’s J-Hope (Jung Hoseok) has revealed the behind-the-scenes story about his song “Dis-ease.”

On the 27th, BTS’ ‘BE-hind Story Interview’ was presented on the group’s official YouTube channel. Members told behind-the-scenes stories of producing the BE album. As V (Kim Taehyun) appeared as an interviewer for J-Hope, he said that he likes “Dis-ease” as it captures J-Hope’s unique essence. “What kind of feelings or setting did you work with,” he asked.

J-Hope said that the title has a double meaning of “glass” and “sickness” (T/N: a word-play with the Korean word ‘Byung.’) “The disease I thought of was psychological. I wanted to take a rest until now, but the kind of ‘rest’ I encountered in this situation (pandemic) was not stable, but instead, uncomfortable. The psychological pressure to create music and dance came upon me. I thought this was because of my job, and I started to work on it right away. (Like breaking a glass,) I wanted to break those things and continue living my life,” he explained. He also mentioned how the members’ wonderful voices, mixed with RM and Suga’s ideas, completed the song about what we worry about during these times.

Credit: The Korea Herald

V asked his second question, “Our way of recording is to direct with a producer or to do it alone. You must have recorded for “Dis-ease” alone. How was it?”

To this, the artist answered that he used the whole of his rap part for the guide version of the song. “The current song is five keys higher than the original song I made. If I was to record the rap again to the key, the feeling I wanted to express wouldn’t be expressed as well, so I wrote the guide version as it was. And it went well. I added ad-lib parts of the members and recorded the entire song by myself,” he stated.

When asked how he’d like to unfold his music in the future, he said that it remains unchanged how he wants to include what he feels and what he wants to say. “I want to show everyone a lot without being limited by genres. I’m always serious in front of making music because I’m still lacking in many ways.”


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