‘Love Alarm 2’ Releases Its Main Trailer – Who Is Jo Jo Falling For?

Credit: Netflix

Netflix released the main trailer for its original series Love Alarm 2.

Love Alarm 2 depicts the straightforward romance between a woman who can’t make her “love alarm” right and two men who desire to know her true feelings.

Four years after the “love alarm” was introduced to the world, it became the surest touchstone of confirming one’s true feelings and has permeated throughout society, even changing people’s daily lives. Now, “Love Alarm 2.0” with the addition of “who you will like” and “who will like you” systems is unveiled, and with this update, a small change occurs between Jo Jo and Hye Young.

When Jo Jo pops up on Hye Young’s “who will like you” list, Hye Young utters a cry with joy, and his expression brings about a small change in Jo Jo, who has been disguising her heart. Sun Oh, who left after being hurt by the fact that Jo Jo doesn’t set off his love alarm, still lingers around her believe that she still has feelings for him.

In a world where love is only proven through love alarm, Jo Jo expresses her confusion, saying, “Who do I like?”

Jo Jo, who chose to hide behind her own emotional shied, Hye Young, who silently stays by her side, and Sun Oh, who still sets off Jo Jo’s love alarm – love comes ringing again and who will set off Jo Jo’s love alarm?

Meanwhile, Love Alarm 2 will be released on Netflix on March 12.

Source: Netflix

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