iKON Unveils Bits and Pieces of ‘Why Why Why’s Lyrics

iKON has made the first release of the visuals and lyrics of their new music video with five days till comeback.

YG Entertainment posted the first teaser video of iKON’s digital single “Why Why Why” on its official SNS channels on the 26th. The clip begins with Kim Jin Hwan leaning against the wall on the bench. The lyrics “I couldn’t even protect a flower which is you,” stimulated a lonely yet affectionate mood along with his empty gaze.

Kim Dong Hyuk then appeared, sat alone on a sofa on the floor filled with water as he looked deserted. The scene seemed to symbolize his inner side full of sadness, especially as the lyrics of “I’ve never not loved you” were added to it.

iKON’s post-breakup sentiments can be felt in the music video teaser of “Why Why Why.” The emotional melodies and Koo Jun Hoe’s vocals were inserted, raising expectations for the full version of the song.

Returning in about a year, iKON is boasting a variety of their charms with a teaser that goes back and forth between soft and dreamy emotions. Attention is drawn to what kind of story the group will tell with a simple yet direct three-worded title, “Why Why Why.”

Credit: YG Entertainment

iKON’s digital single is to be released on March 3rd at 6 p.m. KST. They will greet fans through Countdown Live on Naver V LIVE from an hour before the song is revealed.


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