SHINee Returns with New Program Featuring Them As Office Workers

SHINee Inc. is a program that presents the 14-year-old group planning and showing their charms as they reveal past memories and new stages.

As Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin transform into sub-characters as workers who plan for the program, the other ‘SHINee version’ of them are to carry those plans out. Thus expectations for the program’s premiere are already on the rise.

In the first episode, members will each become deputy manager Jin Ki, team leader Ki Bum, team leader Choi, and director Tae Min. As the four entered the meeting for SHINee’s comeback promotion, they suggest content that will show each members’ colors. It will be worth keeping an eye out for how SHINee will depict their characters.

The rumor has it that they were very immersed in their roles, passionate with ideas about the kind of contents and also with their production. Furthermore, their chemistry with special guests is also anticipated. A spectacular lineup for the program has been set up, and this includes Kwon Hyun Soo who appears as the CEO of their company, Hong Hyun Hee, Leenalchi Band, Choi Jun (Kim Hae Jun), Bae Yong Nam (Lee Yong Joo), basketball player Lee Dong Jun, and many more.

The production team said, “SHINee’s charms as well as their refreshing appearances that have never been revealed before, will be revealed on this day.” Various segments and contents planned by the members and guests are expected to bring explosive amounts of laughter. “We are also preparing a stage for SHINee’s new song, which has been gaining huge popularity since its release,” they said.

SHINee’s SHINee Inc. is to kick off at 11.50 p.m. KST on the 24th.


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