[New Tracks To Know] SHINee’s 7th Full-Length Album ‘Don’t Call Me’ 

Credit: SM Entertainment
Credit: SM Entertainment

SHINee has unveiled their 7th full-length album Don’t Call Me. This is their new album in about two years and six months after their 6th full-length released back in September of 2018. It consists of 9 vibrant songs of different genres including its title track “Don’t Call Me.”

With its release on the 22nd, the album dominated the top spots of global charts, demonstrating the fan’s passionate interest in it. It topped the iTunes’ Top Album Chart in 45 different regions around the world, including the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Germany. The album also topped charts in major Korean platforms such as Bugs Music, Genie Music, and VIBE.

  1. Don’t Call Me

The title track “Don’t Call Me” is a hip-hop-based dance song that combines powerful 808 basses, synth sounds, and sampled vocal sources on the signature vocoder sound. The song draws listeners in with candid lyrics that unravel feelings of one who was hurt and betrayed by love, and vocals that are ridden with hysteria.

  1. Heart Attack

This is a dance-pop song with an impactful bass loop and funky melodies of an electric guitar. The lyrics and energetic vocals are in harmony to portray the overwhelming feelings of love one feels for their lover, turning even pain into joy.

  1. Marry You

A medium-tempo R&B track with an impressive jazz organ and lead synth sounds reminiscent of the soul/gospel music of the 80s. The lyrics are an extension of “Love Sick” from SHINee’s fourth full-length album, as they illustrate a more mature, sweet voice proposing to an old lover.

  1. CØDE

This is a future-sounding dance song that combines bass sounds and beats which make you feel like you’re sprinting. With its dreamy melody line, the song draws attention by comparing the process of getting to know an alluring stranger to the process of deciphering a CODE.

  1. I Really Want You

This is a pop with funky rhythms and various sounds such as electric guitars, brass, and strings which create an energetic vibe. The repeated melodies that are easy to sing along give a pleasant feeling, as the lyrics embody a desperate desire to approach an attractive individual.

  1. Kiss Kiss

A dance-pop song led by an up-tempo bassline and an electric guitar. The cute and witty lyrics about the sweet kisses shared between lovers and the kissing sound effects make the listening experience more so enjoyable.

  1. Body Rhythm

The signature synth sound is freely arranged in an off-beat manner, within this reggae-dance song. It metaphorically compares the persona’s attractive dancing partner to wine. Woodie Gochild, a rapper from H1GHR Music, participated in the rap making of the song.

  1. Attention

A romantic R&B-based pop song with a sensuous bassline and catchy whistle sounds. It romanticizes a night date with a beloved lover as the “Love in space” and “a journey only of us two on across the glazed nightscape.”

  1. Kind

This is a slow-tempo pop-ballad song with sounds of acoustic guitar and keyboard creating an ‘organic’ atmosphere. It illustrates the person who was by the persona’s side during hard times as an answer that fills their blank space. SHINee’s sentimental vocals maximize the warm atmosphere of the song.

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