Get Ready for Your “Love Alarm” to Ring! ‘Love Alarm 2’ Drops Colorful Character Posters

Credit: Netflix

Love Alarm 2 heralded a dynamic romance.

Netflix released character posters for its new drama Love Alarm 2. The drama depicts the romance between Jo Jo (Kim So Hyun), Sun Oh (Song Kang), Hye Young (Jung Ga Ram), Gul Mi (Go Min Si), and, Yook Jo (Kim Shi Eun), whose fate intertwined with “love alarm” that tells you if your crush is within 10 meters around you.

The recently released posters decorated with five characters and their “representative” lines. Jo Jo expresses her innermost feelings with the line, “I said I love you for the first time,” while Hye Young presents his affection through the line, “I don’t care if the alarm rings.” Sun Oh, on the other hand, heralds his own method in love with the line, “I will only trust my eyes now.”

Credit: Netflix

Gul Mi’s line reads, “Now? Why? At what point?” with a shocking expression on her face, while Yook Jo stimulates curiosity with the line, “I know how you feel. It’s so hot, so how will you control it?” The shape of the ring, which shows slightly different shapes depending on the character, is also eye-catching.

Love Alarm 2 revolves around the world four years after the launch of “Love Alarm” when “Love Alarm 2.0” with the addition of “who you will like” and “who will like you” systems is unveiled.

Netflix shared, “We’re going to show you a more diverse form of life and love and a stronger love triangle in a world that has changed with the release of ‘love alarm.'”

Love Alarm 2 will be released only on Netflix on March 12.

Source: Netflix

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