[Weekly Up & Down] Song Joong Gi Takes the Lead in Top Stars’ Comeback Battle

Entertainment Industry Tainted with Series of Revelations

Credit: Cube Entertainment, OCN, Stone Music Entertainment

Even after Jo Byung Gyu’s school violence controversy sparked and his agency heralded firm legal actions, the controversy is barely resolved due to additional revelations. And as a result, the filming for his new entertainment show Come Back Home has also been postponed. Then a few days ago, producer Tank accused Gil of physically assaulting his manager, dating four women at the same time, and enslaving him and other composers without proper payment for a year. Gil refuted all the claims and officially announced legal actions. TOO’s Woonggi was suspected of school violence just a day after he was praised as a “wise idol.” In response, the artist’s agency countered, “It is true that there were people who were on bad terms with Woonggi when they were in school, but the allegations that he used violence in a way that harassed certain few are completely wrong.” (G)I-DLE’s Soojin was also caught up in school violence scandal. Netizen A, who claimed herself to be Soojin’s classmate, claimed that Soojin slapped her and stole her money. In response, her label strongly refuted, saying, “It’s true that she fought when she was still in school, but school bullying is absolutely false. We will be taking legal actions against the false rumors.”


Top Stars’ Comeback Battle Began, and the Winner Is Song Joong Ki

Credit: JTBC, tvN

Song Joong Ki, who returned to the small screen after two years, was the first to smile. Last week, Cho Seung Woo and Park Shin Hye’s Sisyphus: The Myth, Shin Ha Kyun and Yeo Jin Goo’s Beyond Evil, and Song Joong Ki’s Vincenzo premiered one after another. First of all, Sisyphus announced a splendid start by writing a new JTBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama history with the highest ratings. The second episode saw a slight rise to 6.7%, flickering a green light on its future race. JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama Beyond Evil saw a soft start with 4.5% ratings in the first episode but fell to 3.9% in the second episode. Shin Ha Kyun’s shocking appearance was revealed at the end of the second episode, raising expectations as to whether the drama will see a rebound in terms of viewer ratings. Song Joong Ki’s comeback project Vincenzo surpassed its previous drama Mr. Queeen‘s ratings in just two episodes. Song’s transformation that cross comedy and charisma and his story of justice have successfully captivated viewers.


‘The Penthouse 2’ Marks Triumphant Return

Credit: SBS

The Penthouse 2 surpassed 20% ratings in just two episodes. According to Nielsen Korea, the second episode (part 2) garnered 21% viewership in the Seoul metropolitan area and 20.4% nationwide. This is the highest record set by any mini-series that aired in the same week. Despite the slew of new dramas, it was the only one to surpass the 20% mark, solidifying its position as the “unrivaled” project. In the 2049 viewer rating, which is a major indicator for the advertising officials, The Penthouse 2 has reached the double-digit mark with 10.1 percent, proving its hot popularity.

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