[Weekly TV Top 10] The Fulfilling Happy Ending: ‘Mr. Queen’ Lands on No. 1

Starting the week after the Lunar New Year holiday, TV networks have begun their battles between new dramas. From the new Mon-Tues drama River Where the Moon Rises, Hello, Me! �which kicked off together on the 17th, Sisyphus: The Myth, weekend dramas Beyond Evil, Vicenzo, Times, to The Penthouse: War in Life �which is coming back with its second season. Attention is focused on the series as we wonder which of them will be led to success first. While it was more relaxed after some of the popular series have closed their curtains last week, let’s have a look at which programs did well this week.


Drama Ranking for the 2nd Week of February

Mr. Queen has come to an end, as the drama with the fifth-highest viewer ratings in tvN’s history, breaking its own highest record of 17.4% (based on Nielsen Korea’s nation-wide standards). Although the show was embroiled in controversies throughout its running, its actors including Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun calmed them and captivated viewers with their excellent performances. In the second place is �The Penthouse 2, which has been receiving burning attention even since before its start. The debate on whether Shim Soo Ryun will revive or not has been continuing, as she has been excluded from press activities, including in photos of the scrip-reading site which was released by the production team.


TOP 10 Popular Drama Series

  1. tvN Mr. Queen (Share of Audience 30.46) ( – )
  2. SBS The Penthouse: War in Life 2 (Share of Audience87) NEW
  3. JTBC She Would Never Know (Share of Audience57) (▲1)
  4. KBS Man in a Veil (Share of Audience32) (▲3)
  5. TV CHOSUN Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) (Share of Audience53) (▲5)
  6. KBS Royal Secret Agent (Share of Audience33) (▲3)
  7. KBS Homemade Love Story (Share of Audience88) (▲1)
  8. tvN U.C.A.: The Beginning (Share of Audience 3.84) (▽2)
  9. tvN Vincenzo (Share of Audience44) NEW
  10. KBS No Matter What (Share of Audience34) (▲2)

TOP 10 Popular Casts in TV Drama Series

  1. Shin Hye Sun, Queen ( – )
  2. Kim Jeong Hyun, Queen (▲2)
  3. Ro Woon, She Would Never Know (▲3)
  4. Won Jin Ah, She Would Never Know (▲5)
  5. Na In Woo, Queen (▲6)
  6. Lee Ji Ah, The Penthouse: War in Life 2 NEW
  7. Lee Shi Kang, Man in a Veil (▲9)
  8. Kim Myung Soo, Royal Secret Agent (▲7)
  9. Choi Jin Hyuk, Queen (▲60)
  10. Kang Eun Tak, Man in a Veil (▲4)


Non-Drama Ranking for the 2nd Week of February

After gaining explosive responses from its first episode, �Sing Again �has landed on the first, beating �Miss Trot 2. Lee Seung Yoon who was a strong winning candidate became the owner of the 100-Million-Won prize money, while Jung Hong Il and Lee Moo Jin ranked second and third respectively. Miss Trot �came in second with its legendary mission in the first round of the semi-finals. In the third place is �You Quiz on the Block, as Ji Jin Hee drew the attention demonstrating his plain style of talking while appearing as a guest in the ‘People Who Are Totally into X, Y, and Z’ special.


TOP 10 Popular Non-Drama Series

  1. JTBC Sing Again (Share of Audience36) (▲1)
  2. TV CHOSUN Miss Trot 2 (Share of Audience92) (▽1)
  3. tvN You Quiz on the Block (Share of Audience53) (▲6)
  4. MBC Hangout with Yoo (Share of Audience52) (▲1)
  5. MBC I Live Alone (Share of Audience85) (▽1)
  6. tvN DoReMi Market (Share of Audience84) (▽3)
  7. SBS Running Man (Share of Audience74) (▲1)
  8. TV CHOSUN Roamntic Call Centre (Share of Audience72) (▽2)
  9. MBC 2021 Lunar New Year Idol Star Championships: Hall of Fame (Share of Audience56) NEW
  10. KBS Trot National Sports Festival (Share of Audience48) (▲7)

TOP 10 Popular Casts in TV Non-Drama Series

  1. Lee Seung Yoon, Sing Again (▲2)
  2. Kim Tae Yeon, Miss Trot 2 (▲75)
  3. Yoari, Sing Again (▲9)
  4. Hong Ji Yoon, Miss Trot 2 (▽3)
  5. Jeong Hong Il, Sing Again ( – )
  6. Lee Moo Jin, Sing Again (▲2)
  7. Yang Ji Eun, Miss Trot 2 (▲13)
  8. Kim Da Hyun, Miss Trot 2 (▲38)
  9. Lee Yoon Ji, Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny NEW
  10. Park Ji Sung, Lengendary Parks NEW


This investigation was released on February 15th by the TV popularity analysis agency Good Data Corporation after analyzing netizens’ responses generated from news articles, blogs/communities, videos, and SNSs. It is in regards to 23 drama series and 173 non-drama series that are either on-air or scheduled to be aired from February 8th through to the 14th, of 2021


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