Song Joong Ki’s Dark Hero Drama ‘Vincenzo’ Will Be Released on Netflix

Credit: Netflix

Netflix will service the new much-anticipated drama Vincenzo from Feb 20.

tvN’s new weekend drama Vincenzo will meet viewers around the world through Netflix. It will be released in Asia, Engish-speaking countries, Latin America, and Arab regions on Feb 20 at 11 pm KST, and in other areas, the entire series will be released on May 2.

Vincenzo tells the story of an Italian mafia lawyer who returns to Korea after being betrayed by his own organization, wiping out the villain in a villain’s way with a veteran lawyer. The fierce and hot justice implementation of dark heroes against variant villains that can never be punished by law will provide exhilarating catharsis.

Song Joong Ki, who recently swept the globe with Space Sweepers, will turn into an Italian mafia lawyer, Vincenzo. The spiteful battle of Vincenzo, who doesn’t know the meaning of failure, will gift viewers with great pleasure.

Jeon Yeo Bin plays Hong Cha Young, a hard-core lawyer who takes all possible measures for a sure win. However, after meeting Vincenzo, who is more vicious than villains, she is reborn as a new type of dark heroine. Ok Taec Yeon has been cast for the role of Jang Joon Woo. He, who wants to be James Bong of Hong Cha Young, will add to the fun by putting an eagle-eye on Vincenzo, who suddenly walked into his crush’s life one day.

Money Flower and The Crowned Clown director Kim Hee Won and Chief Kim and The Fiery Priest screenwriter Park Jae Bum have joined forces to illustrate the justice of a hero who has a darker will than villains.

Source: Netflix

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