Singer-Songwriter Kwon Jin Ah to Uncover Her EP ‘The Way For Us’ 

Singer-songwriter Kwon Jin Ah is to come back with her new EP, The Way For Us.

The artist will release to various music platforms her new EP on the 18th of February at 6 p.m. KST. After a year and five months, her comeback album The Way For Us will be filled with quality songs written and composed by her. Apart from writing and composing all tracks, this EP is the first album Kwon Jin Ah completed as the main producer. She participated in most of the production processes, from track composition to recording, title track selection, and processing works. She has demonstrated her ability as a true singer-songwriter.

The composition is particularly noteworthy, as the six tracks included in the album are compared to six short stories, and thus the album to a collection of short stories.

The title song “Good Bye” unravels the feelings of a lover who is about to break up from a first-person perspective, as they try to maturely let go of the other. The music video for the track which will be unveiled along with the song also embodies the complex emotions of the “Good Bye” before a breakup. Sorrows, regrets, and disappointments are well portrayed by the one-take shots within the video.

Apart from this, Kwon Jin Ah also included “The Way For Us” which is based on British-Rock with sentimental lyrics, “Flower Heart” that makes listeners feel the excitement of spring, the affectionate ballad “You already have”, a duet with George “Pretend To Be” and “The Dreamer” which is an autobiographical story of the singer-songwriter. Kwon Jin Ah faces breakup, love, and freedom as the main subject of all the songs.

Credit: Antenna
Credit: Antenna

The EP The Way For Us is a tangible album released about a year and five months after Kwon Jin Ah’s second full-length album Shape of Me. The artist showed her bottomless growth as a singer-songwriter by writing, composing, and now, producing, all songs in her album.

Kwon Jin Ah will be releasing the EP The Way for Us for the first time on music platforms at 6 p.m. KST on the 18th. Prior to this, she will be making an appearance on Naver NOW’s 5 Minutes Before 6 with Lee Jangwon at 5.55 p.m. KST. She also plans to showcase her stage on Twitter’s Blue Room Live at 10 p.m. KST on the same day.


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