Upcoming K-Drama: A Character Guide to Fantasy Mystery Drama ‘Sisyphus: The Myth’

Credit: JTBC

Amid the continued ratings crush, JTBC aims to turn the table with a genre drama. The first batter is the network’s 10th-anniversary special drama Sisyphus: The Myth. It is a fantasy-mystery drama about a genius engineer who is trying to discover the hidden secrets about the creatures that live within our world and his savior from the future. Cho Seung Woo and Park Shin Hye take on the title roles, and director Jin Hyuk, who is writing an unbeatable history with works like The Legend of the Blue Sea and The Master’s Sun, helmed the production. Of course, we can never forget to mention the fact that it’s a pre-production drama with a production cost of 20 billion KRW (about $18,056,163).

Credit: JTBC

Cho Seung Woo – Han Tae Sool

He is the co-founder of Quantum and Time Company. From one-of-a-kind genius, excellent coding skills, to handsome looks, he has it all. People call him the miracle of Korean science and the nation’s hero, but he is nothing but a selfish person in reality. He has no attachment to anything, even the company he created with his two hands and his friend who sacrificed everything in his shadow for him. Then one day, Tae Sool gets involved in an unknown plane crash and witnesses something unbelievable while digging into his brother’s death.

Credit: JTBC

Park Shin Hye – Kang Seo Hae

She is a savior from the future. When she turned nine, the war breaks out and the world changed. And her father, who was a soldier, taught her various survival skills. One day, she finds a message left for him: “Save Han Tae Sool. You save him and he will save the world.” Putting her faith in that sentence, she endures the long and painful journey for him. While trying to save the world with Tae Sool, she forms a hostile relationship with the regulation department that crackdown on those who smuggle themselves from the future.

Credit: JTBC

Sung Dong Il – President Park

He is an unidentified figure known as the CEO of Asia Mart. His market seems to be a market for Chinese food commodities on the outside, but inside, the building is filled with machines and guns. He is at odds with Tae Sool.


Tae In Ho – Eddie Kim

He is the co-founder of Quantum and Time Company and Tae Sool’s best friend. If it wasn’t for Eddie, Quantum and Time Company would not have been able to grow into a global enterprise. He feels great pride in his company that he built up while pushing Tae Sool so that he doesn’t fall apart.

Credit: JTBC

Heo Joon Seok – Han Tae San

He is Tae Sool’s brother, who died a decade ago. When his parents passed away and left him with a massive amount of debt, he raised his baby brother by choosing car maintenance techniques instead of a college entrance exam. After he learns the threat posed to his brother, he tries to inform him of the danger but is branded mentally ill and makes an extreme choice.


Chae Jong Hyeop – Sun / Choi Jae Sun �

He is a Chinese food delivery boy who dreams of becoming an idol. He blindly set off to Seoul because he didn’t want to farm, but he now works at a Chinese restaurant after he plunged himself into debt as an idol trainee. While living his life with the thought that his life is over, he meets Seo Hae and falls in love with her.

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