‘Royal Secret Agent’ Kwon Na Ra Says “It was Fun to Play a Role Dressed as a Man”

Kwon Na Ra has successfully accomplished her first historical drama.

The actress played the female inspector Hong Da In who is a skilled undercover agent in KBS2’s �Royal Secret Agent �which closed its curtains on the 9th. She gave off bright and wholesome synergies within the show.

“I got nervous and shaky, but I wanted to do a good job showing my character of Hong Da In. I read the scripts more times than ever. My attention was focused on building the character. She was a lot brighter than my previous roles. So I got eager, and wanted to challenge myself.”

Kwon Na Ra has made various transformations from being a Kisaeng courtesan to dressing as a man.

“As a female undercover agent, I think I’ve tried all the hairstyles I can try in a historical drama. We focused on the styling, depending on whatever my role was.”

She particularly expressed her satisfaction with dressing as a man.

“I want to play a character who appears dressed up as a male from beginning to end. Personally, I think the outfits looked good on me. They were actually really comfortable. I usually enjoy wearing pants myself, so being dressed as a man was enjoyable and fun.”

Credit: A-MAN Project

The viewer rating for the drama kicked off at 5% and ended at 14%, breaking its own records.

“Staff members on set including the director were really delighted at the viewer rating. While it’s hard-working for any piece, I was able to go into the shoot with a grateful and happy heart thanks to the great ratings. I filmed as fellow actors and I cheered each other on in the numerous rehearsals.”

The actress chose the show’s satisfying resolutions as the reason behind its popularity.

“There were many scenes in which conflicts were rather quickly and satisfyingly resolved. I think viewers felt a lot of catharsis from that.”

Credit: KBS

The chemistry between the trio of the drama �” Kwon Na Ra, Kim Myung Soo, and Lee Yi Kyung �” also contributed to the ratings.

“Since I’m of the similar age as Kim Myung Soo and Lee Yi Kyung, we were able to have a lot of fun as we worked together. We also talked to each other as if we were doing a play in a playground. Kim Myung Soo is a very delicate and caring person, and Lee Yi Kyung played a lot of pranks, trying to calm my nerves. I think that’s how our chemistry also peaked through within the work.”

Royal Secret Agent has made her a ‘trustworthy and reliable’ actress.

“I think I’m a very lucky person. I often wonder how this scene will turn out, or won’t, whenever I look at a piece. And I choose works that I can easily imagine of, but thankfully there was a lot of interest and positive responses.”

Kwon Na Ra’s next goal is to become a good actor and a good person.

“I met great seniors in every work. I want to be a good actor like them. I also want to be a good person. If I happen to have juniors in the future, I want to become a senior like my seniors who approached me first, warmly. I want to be a good senior and person.”

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