IU’s ‘Celebrity’ Dominates the Chart

Credit: EDAM Entertainment

IU has hit the top of Idol Chart rankings for the first week of Feb.

According to the Idol Chart’s announcement on Feb 4, the female idol amassed a score of 1521 points in the Ahcha Rankings with 9616 points of Youtube scores, and 1251 points of Social scores during the first week of February (Feb.1~Feb.7).

IU has been creating buzz for sweeping major charts with her new track, “Celebrity”. It is IU’s first new song in 8 months since her single “Eight” in high-profile collaboration with BTS’ Suga.

“Celebrity” is a delectable synth-pop track that can comfort the hearts of all listeners, giving good energy.

BTS ranked second place on the chart with a score of 6151 points, followed by Hyuna (5044 points) Black Pink (4638 points), (G)I-DLE (3331 points), IZ*ONE (3093 points), Lee Seung Yoon (2420 points), TWICE (2011 points), Lee Mu Jin(1922 points), and Lim Young Woong (1891 points).

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