‘Sporty Sister’ Under Review to Delete Scenes of Lee Jae Young and Lee Da Young

Members of the Heungkuk Life’s Volleyball Team Pink Spiders, Lee Jae Young, and Lee Da Young, have been exposed as perpetrators of violence within the school in their pasts. Hence, entertainment programs starring the two are now considering ways to delete scenes with their appearances.

Credit: Heungkuk Life Pink Spiders

E-Channel’s Sporty Sister told Dong-A Dotcom on the 11th, “we are internally discussing how to remove the scenes with Lee Jae Young and Lee Da Young.” According to a related individual, the two were quite symbolic in the show as they appeared on the first episode, marking its start. However, as rumors of school violence rose, and they were confirmed to be true, the production team is now under deep concerns.

Earlier on the 10th, Lee Jae Young and Lee Da Young were pointed out as the main perpetrators amongst the online ‘exposing of the school violence of female volleyball players.’ On this day, a post titled “I am a victim of school violence carried out by current volleyball players” was posted on Nate Pann. The original poster (OP) said, “I thought about forgetting it because it has been 10 years, but when I saw the post that they posted on their SNS without thinking about what they themselves did, the traumas of the past came back to me. I am gathering the courage to write this, hoping that they reflect on themselves.”

“There are a total of four victims. And there are more victims apart from them,” the OP wrote. “The victim and the violator were sharing the same room, and the latter ordered the victim to do something after the lights went off. As the victim was tired, they refused with “kind words.” Nevertheless, the violator forced them to do it several times and when the victim continued to refuse, she brought a knife to threaten them.”

“The violator also told people not to come next to her as they smelled. She would often take money off others, pinch our stomachs, hit our mouths, gather and punch us on our heads,” the OP explained as they also said that “they would also make others join them in the violence because they did not want to be the only perpetrators.” The writer of the post also posted photos of the violators who played as female volleyball teams in elementary and middle schools as proof.

Credit: Sports Chosun

Later, Lee Jae Young and Lee Da Young posted their apologies. Lee Da Young first wrote on her Instagram, “I am posting an apology after asking for forgiveness to those who were hurt by my wrong actions. I sincerely apologize for disappointing everyone.” She then continued to acknowledge and address the rumor.

Lee Jae Young also re-activated her Instagram account to write an apology to those who were hurt by her wrongdoing. “I thought about what I should apologize for first. I hurt many people because of my irresponsible behavior in the past when I was immature. I bow my head down and apologize,” she wrote.

The two’s volleyball team, Heungkuk Life Pink Spiders, also officially apologized. In an official statement, they said that they were sorry to disappoint the fans with the fact that Lee Jae Young and Lee Da Young were involved in school violence.”

Meanwhile, the Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) is considering disciplinary actions against Lee Jae Young and Lee Da Young. So is Heungkuk Life Pink Spiders. Public petitions for the two players to be permanently expelled have also been surfacing.


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