Kang Min Ah to Officially Work with Shin Ha Kyun and Yeo Jin Goo for JTBC’s ‘Beyond Evil’

Kang Min Ah has been confirmed to be cast for JTBC’s Beyond Evil.

Credit: H& Entertainment

On the 11th, H& Entertainment announced that the actress will be appearing in JTBC’s new Fri-Sat drama Beyond Evil. The series is written by Kim Soo Jin, directed by Shim Na Yeon, produced by Celltrion Entertainment and JTBC Studios.

Beyond Evil is a psychological thriller that illustrates the story of two men who are quite literally “beyond evil.” Set in Manyang, Shin Ha Kyun and Yeo Jin Goo appears as lead actors to question “Who is the monster? Is it you, me, or us?” as they chase after the multifaceted nature of humans.

Credit: JTBC

Kang Min Ah stars as a child in Manyang, and college student Kang Min Jung. She will plate the role of a college student with an honest and cheerful personality. Her character is the daughter of Manyang Market’s owner Kang Jin Moon (played by Lee Kyu Hoe). Within Beyond Evil, she appears to be close to Shin Ha Kyun’s character, as if they were nephews and uncles. While Kang Min Jung used to call Lee Dong Sik her uncle when she was young, she grows to be a college student who jokes around asking him to “get married” to her.

After drawing attention by playing the role of Choi Soo Ah in tvN’s drama True Beauty boasting her extreme friendliness, she has been cast in JTBC’s Beyond Evil. The work is one of the most anticipated for the first half of 2021. Kang Min Ah has also been cast as the main character of the drama Blue Spring From A Distance �along with Park Ji Hoon and Lee Shin Young to establish her title as the “MZ Generation’s Actor.”

Beyond Evil will kick off at 11 p.m. on the upcoming 19th.


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