‘Space Sweepers’ Takes the Globe, Topping Netflix Worldwide Ranking Chart + Webtoon’ Space Sweepers’ Unveiled Today

Credit: Netflix

Korea’s first space SF film Space Sweepers continued to take the top spot of Netflix’s worldwide movie ranking chart. On top of that, the webtoon version of Space Sweepers will take the popularity to the web.

According to FlixPatrol, Space Sweepers topped TOP Movies on Netflix in the World Today chart for two days in a row with a total score of 648 points (Feb 7). Specifically, it ranked first in 28 countries, including France, Finland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia. It seems like the movie had become a significant hit in Asia and Europe.

Credit: KakaoPage

And today, the release of webtoon version of Space Sweepers was announced in five countries – Korea (KakaoPage), Japan (Piccoma), North America (Tapas), Indonesia (KakaoPage Indonesia) and France (Delitoon).

Drawn by the popular webtoon artist “Hong Jacga,” webtoon Space Sweepers have already garnered 5.5 million views amid rave reviews over its movie-like quality. This is the second time Hong Jacga joined the SF webtoon project, following her participation in Star Wars Webtoon back in 2015 per Disney’s request ahead of the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Hong Jacga shared, “After I received the script for Space Sweepers, I thought about how to implement the country’s first space blockbuster through a webtoon. I’m glad that the ‘Space Sweepers Universe’ project, which was a new challenge for me, has finally begun. I think it will be another fun for Space Sweepers fans to find out the difference in interpretation and expression that can only be shown in each genre, all the while enjoying one IP as a movie and webtoon.”

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