SHINee, HIGHLIGHT, and 2PM Making Comebacks As Their Members Finish Serving

2nd-gen boy group idols are to return after completing their time in the military service.

Starting with SHINee, HIGHLIGHT and 2PM are also raising expectations as they hinted at their comeback for early 2021.

Credit: SM Entertainment

SHINee is to kick off with a new album. With the seventh full-length album Don’t Call Me to be released on the 22nd, they will make a full-fledged come-back in about three years since their sixth album back in September of 2018. A total of nine songs are included in the new album and SHINee’s unique color and trendy performances will be available.

The group also hosted a special live ‘The Ringtone: SHINee is Back’ on the 31st as they revealed various spoilers for the new album. They also revealed their track “Marry You” for the first time on live. SHINee is also planning to reveal everything about themselves through tvN’s new program SHINee’s Startup, which will be aired on the 24th. The four members each with their colors will show off their new song and album. As so, the band is set to actively promote their seventh full-length album through various contents.

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HIGHLIGHT also heralded a complete comeback after members came back from the army. As their youngest Son Dong Woon was discharged from the services last December, all members of the group are now available to continue group activities. If the group makes a comeback within this year, it will be their new album in three years.

Currently, HIGHLIGHT members are all making appearances in entertainment programs and musicals. Lee Ki Kwang and Son Dong Woon starred in SBS’ Fantasy House. Yang Yo Seop especially shows his commitment to the group’s return. As he took off his mask in King of Mask Singer, he said that he’d like to “show everyone HIGHLIGHT’s album ASAP.” “We’ve been preparing for our comeback even before I enlisted. We’ll be back this year,” he said on a V LIVE.

2PM is also preparing to make a comeback as they await Junho’s discharge. Since 2017, Junho has taken a hiatus from group activities, and Nichkhun was exempted from the Thai military service. As Junho will return in March, the six-member group will be complete. Jang Woo Young and Hwang Chan Sung mentioned on MBC’s I Live Alone to let the public know of their comeback plan. 2PM especially proved their undying presence as their title song “My House” released in 2015 became the hot topic once again last year. “We will come back with good content with all of our members. Please look forward to 2PM’s 2021,” said they.


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