Ahn Eun Jin Draws Out Enthusiastic Reactions from Her First Variety Show Appearance with ‘Running Man’

Credit: SBS

Despite the fact that it was her first-ever entertainment show appearance, Ahn Eun Jin successfully took over Running Man.

In the latest episode of Running Man, Ahn Eun Jun, Lee Sang Yi and Bae Yoon Kyung appeared as guests and delighted netizens with their jolly presence.

Even from the start, Ahn Eun Jun and Lee Sang Yi caught the attention with their real friendship. Lee revealed that Ahn’s nickname during her school days was “Eunjin Angel” and added, “She wanted to be called an angel.” Ahn jokingly replied, “Really? Was I that cute?” Looking at their friendship, HaHa even suspected their “romantic relationship” in the past, giving a big laugh.

In the first mission, she yelled out blue-chip stocks such as “Samsung Electronics,” “Kakao,” and “Tesla,” with her fingers pointing up as she tried to explain the word “stock” to Kim Jong Kook, drawing laughter. Her bright energy continued on in every game.

Saying that she will not get soaked in water in this cold weather, Ahn ran around nonstop, ripping members’ name tags with all her passion, but was eventually hit with a huge water bomb as a “penalty man” of a losing team.

Later, the actress thanked the members, saying, “It was my first variety show appearance, so I was really nervous, but all the members took such good care of me every moment and comforted me to relax more.”

Shortly after the broadcast, Ahn Eun Jin posted two behind-the-scenes photos of her and Lee Sang Yi on her Instagram and commented, “I whole body screamed from pain the next two days, but it was such a fun time.” Kim Go Eun left a comment, “I guarantee that nothing happened between you two,” proving that she too watched the episode.

After Ahn’s delightful charm caught the eye, netizens left comments like, “You could tell Yoo Jae Suk really laughed at her jokes,” “You really were the best,” “You just know that she buys stocks,” or “That was so much fun.”


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