Pianist Paik Kun Woo Denies Neglecting Yoon Jeong Hee’s Dementia

While there has been a claim that senior actress Yoon Jung Hee who suffers from Alzheimer’s has been neglected in France, her husband Paik Kun Woo refuted the claim through his agency.

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Vincero, a performance agency affiliated with Pai Kun Woo, made an official statement on the 7th denying the claim on Yoon Jeong Hee which was raised through the national petition to Blue House and online communities. They stated that the claim was “groundless, fake information.”

They explained, “we have recently confirmed that false information has been circulating about our artist, pianist Paik Kun Woo and his daughter Paik Jin Hee. Such information is false and groundless. The dispute, which began when Yoon Jeong Hee returned to Paris on May 1st of 2019, ended with the final ruling of the Paris High Court in November 2020 with the appellant’s defeat.”

Vincero continued to say, “Paik Kun Woo and Yoon Jeong Hee went on performance trips together all their lives, but Yoon Jeong Hee’s health has rapidly deteriorated since a few years ago. She has not been able to accompany him on long journeys that require tens of hours. However, rather than a nursing home where she would have to stay far away from her family, she is made possible to stay close to her family, next door to Paik Jin Hee’s apartment, under the warm care of Paik Kun Woo’s family and caregivers designated by the court.”


Contrary to the claim that Yoon Jeong Hee was left unattended, it has been revealed that she is currently living a “comfortable and stable life with regular visits to the doctor’s for treatments.” They added, “The limited phone calls and visits mentioned in the post were all decided under court’s ruling.”

They claimed, “Yoon Jeong Hee needs a comfortable and stable life right now. We do not want personal information and history to be disclosed just because they are public figures. We hope you will refrain from undermining artists and their reputation, including spreading groundless rumors and creating press based on unconfirmed facts.”

The aforementioned claim was made through a petition made on the Blue House’s national petition site on the 5th, with the title “Please save XXX, a movie star who is falling day by day, disconnected from the outer world.” Though the real name of the petition was covered by the site’s manager, it is fully known that the petition was regarding Yoon Jeong Hee. The petitioner claimed that the actress was uncared for since the separation from her spouse and that she was alone in an apartment located on the outskirts of Paris, fighting Alzheimer’s and diabetes all alone. Hence, the public’s attention was focused on her husband, Paik Kun Woo.


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