Shin Se Kyung Hints at Season 2 of ‘Run On’?

Credit: JTBC

Oh Mi Joo was a character so fitting for Shin Se Kyung.

Credit: JTBC

As JTBC’s Run On has closed its curtains, Shin Se Kyung has met with Seoul Economy Star through a written interview on the 4th. Run On tells the story of a film translator Oh Mi Joo (played by Shin Se Kyung) and Ki Sun Gyeom (Im Si Wan), the national sprinter who only gets to look and run forward.

“I wanted to tell the stories of people who actually live, and on the other hand, I wanted to express the stages of a real relationship and convey the excitement from it. I also had a small wish that everyone watching it could feel a little comforted as the characters live together,” she said.

Run On, from Shin Se Kyung’s point of view, was always full of unpredictable events. All characters always moved in unclear directions, she said. Shin Se Kyung is said to have acted with caution not to fall into self-pity, reminding herself that Oh Mi Joo is someone who is honest and has nothing to be ashamed of.

“There’s one thing I personally really like about her: Oh Mi Joo is good at apologizing. She’s an awesome person who knows how to apologize for what she said. Though she does this indirectly sometimes, in most situations she reveals her honest feelings. Her priority of treating herself right even while in a relationship felt really healthy.”

She continued, “The fact that Oh Mi Joo doesn’t hesitate to show her feelings is why she is a little different from me. I at least think about my feelings three times. There are also similarities between her and me. She often uses the phrase “That’s right,” and I was surprised because I also use that phrase. Though there may be some differences in its context of use, both of us also tend to say “That can happen” as a habit.”

It is hoped that viewers will remember Oh Mi Joo rather than Shin Se Kyung from Run On as if she is still living somewhere in the world while having love fights with Sun Gyeom. Shin Se Kyung also left a lingering message as she reminisced of Oh Mi Joo.

“I’ll be waiting for season two. Till I see you.”

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