Rain to Collaborate with Chungha, After Working with Sumi Jo?

Singer Rain and Chungha are expected to meet soon.

Credit: Topstarnews

Rain’s agency, Sublime Artist Agency, told SpoTVNews on the 5th that “Rain is under discussion to collaborate with Chungha.”

With his song “Switch to Me” duetted by Park Jin Young (a.k.a JYP) through his YouTube channel ‘Season B Season’, Rain received positive responses as he ranked first in music programs. And recently he announced that there would be a collab with a female dance-singer, raising more expectations for his upcoming works.

On the 26th of last month, Rain posted on his Instagram saying, “There are repeated requests for me to work with a female dance singer. Suggest who you would like for me to collab with. They have to be a dance singer, though.”

Rain also collaborated with soprano Sumi Jo in a duet. While drawing attention with his various collaborative works, it is anticipated what kind of chemistry Rain will show off with a female dance singer this time.

Credit: MNH Entertainment

Above all, Rain is currently discussing his collab with Chungha, so the possibility of the two meeting is increasing. In other news, Rain recently made an appearance on Mnet’s I Can See Your Voice 8 and Chungha will come back with her first full-length album Querencia on the 15th.

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