[Preview] Things to Look Out for in Korea’s First-Ever Space SF ‘Space Sweepers’

Credit: Netflix

A movie that has never existed in Korea will be released on February 5th. Completed with refreshing imagination and technology, Space Sweeperswill guide you into a new world that has never been seen before. The film tells the story of the garbage cleaner crew in space in 2092, as they jump into a dangerous deal after discovering Dorothy, a humanoid robot known as a weapon of mass destruction. The energetic activities of Korean space cleaners traveling through space will be unraveled.


1. Korea’s First-Ever Space Sci-Fi Blockbuster

Credit: Netflix

Space Sweepers is a piece worked on by Cho Sung Hee, the director of A Werewolf Boy �and Phantom Detective,for almost a decade. The film drew attention since its planning stage as the first space sci-fi blockbuster amongst Korean films. Director Cho Sung Hee began to devise the concept art from when scenarios were being written. He then specified visual elements including various cleaning spaceships, space itself, and the harpooning robot, based on the concept art completed by the team of VFX experts. Up-Dong, the robot completed with motion capture, is also the talk of the town. Yoo Hae Jin, for the first time, has performed motion capture and voice-acted at the same time. Out of a total of 2,500 cuts in Space Sweepers, more than 2,000 of them are composed of VFX works. For the first time in South Korea’s history, eight VFX companies and large-scale personnel of 1,000 people came together to make that possible.


2. Unique Characters Who Embody a Korean’s Friendliness and Sense of Humour

Credit: Netflix

Set in a vast outer space, Space Sweepers �leads the film with original characters. A unique story and character line-up have been made with the combination of the genre of sci-fi blockbuster which was so far considered to be exclusively Hollywood’s, and values which are specifically of Korean sentiments, such as kindness and wit. From the sloppy-looking but outstanding pilot Tae Ho (played by Song Joong Ki) to the youngest elite of the Victory Ship Captain Jang (Kim Tae Ri), the warm-hearted engineer Tiger Park (Jin Seon Kyu), and the naggy robot with its dreams Up-Dong (Yoo Hae Jin), the crew demonstrates their Sci-Fi-Esque charms by sticking together for a single, united goal. Furthermore, the ferocious, spectacle and fast-paced battle in space will provide you with thrills.


3. From Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri, Jin Seon Kyu, Yoo Hae Jin, to Richard Armitage

Credit: Netflix

Song Joong Ki, who works with director Cho Sung Hee for the first time in eight years after A Werewolf Boy, Kim Tae Ri, an actress with reliable skills, Jin Seon Kyu, Yoo Hae Jin, and Hollywood star Richard Armitage. The epic cast line-up is also something to keep an eye out for in Space Sweepers. The four actors who played as the crew of the Victory Ship especially demonstrated fantastic teamwork, presenting such compatible chemistry. Director Cho Sung Hee also said, “The actors were very close on set, and talked to each other a lot about their characters and harmony in the relationship. I received a lot of help thanks to the close communication of Victory Ship’s crew.” Richard Armitage will be acting as the absolute leader of the UTS, James Sullivan, as he adds to the curiosity of those who are viewers-to-be.

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