Jin Dal Rae Departs From ‘Miss Trot 2’ After Admitting to being School Bully

Credit: TV Chosun

Trot Singer Jin Dal Rae has admitted and apologized for being the perpetrator of school violence and dropped out of Miss Trot 2.

Credit: Jin Dal Rae’s SNS

Earlier on the 30th, a post was made to an online community with the title ‘A School Bully Appears on Miss Trot 2.’ The original poster (OP) revealed Jin Dal Rae’s initials exposing that they were assaulted and robbed of money in their school days.

The anonymous OP stated, “One of the perpetrators of school violence who assaulted me 20 years ago is on Miss Trot 2 acting as if nothing is wrong. I forgot it for 20 years, but I was reminded of everything all again once I saw her face.”

They continued, “She would hit me for not greeting her, hit me when I was with my mom because I bowed too deeply, and hit me because I did not come to her in the time she set me to come.” The victim explained that she hit their face at first, but began to strike their body after their ears were swollen and bruised beyond recognition. The victim continued to describe the extreme harassment they had to put up with.

The OP wrote Jin Dal Rae’s name only with her initials. However, netizens quickly caught on to who the perpetrator was, and asked JIn Dal Rae for clarification on her SNS. However, the account run by her agency, T-Star Entertainment clarified, “This is her agency. We will reveal who this is if we get a hold of them by asking for the online investigation team to investigate. There are malicious comments because Jin Dal Rae got a little famous. We asked the police to file a complaint. I think it’d be better to prove everything at the court.”


Despite their strong determination to take legal actions, they have said that Jin Dal Rae “currently acknowledged her wrongdoing and is deeply reflecting on herself.” They admitted the controversy of her past violence in school and said that the singer will take full responsibility for her past wrongdoings, voluntarily stepping down from TV Chosun’s Miss Trot 2. “We sincerely apologize to the person who was hurt and damaged by Jin Dal Rae’s actions. We apologize again for causing concern to everyone who believed in and cheered on for Jin Dal Rae,” they stated.


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