‘True Beauty’ Moon Ga Young and Cha Eun Woo Go On a Romantic Date

Credit: tvN

Moon Ga Young and Cha Eun Woo were spotted on a romantic by the beach. And the two-shot of the two, as beautiful as the winter sea, will make your heart flutter.

tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama True Beauty is a romantic comedy about Joo Kyung, who became a “goddess” through “makeup,” and Su Ho, who harbors a few dark secrets from his past, sharing each other’s pains and growing up.

In the recent episode, Joo Kyung overcame the trauma over her appearance and learned the “true” self-esteem. In particular, Su Ho was seen “acting charming” for Joo Kyung, who fell into panic after a picture of her bare face was leaked, and cheering her by saying, “You are already a solid person.” Hearing that, Joo Kyung plucked up her courage and went to school with no makeup and confidently revealed her relationship with Su Ho, raising enthusiastic supports from viewers.

Above all, the two lovebirds even showed a “public display of affections” like hugging or kissing on a forehead after going public with their romance, raising expectations for the bright future ahead of them.

And today, the production crew unveiled still photos of their romantic date. Joo Kyung and Su Ho can’t seem to take their hands off each other against the backdrop of a winter beach and are creating sweet memories together, reviving the viewers’ love cells. Moreover, the perfect visuals of the pair, which shines even brighter than the blue ocean, certainly captivate our attention.

Meanwhile, episode 14 of True Beauty will air on Jan 28 at 10:30 pm KST.

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