Seventeen Says ‘Going Seventeen’ Is Meomires They Will Never Forget

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Seventeen told various stories about their own content Going Seventeen 2020.

On Jan 18, Seventeen successfully wrapped up their year-long journey with Going Seventeen 2020 that let them show off their pleasant energy and cheerful chemistry, surpassing 100 million cumulative views shortly after the end of the show. Not only did the group came up with their own ideas and acted as a host, but they also showcased original concepts and materials that can only be seen in Going Seventeen 2020.

Through their label, Seventeen expressed their affection for the content and thanked global fans for their support.

Q1. How do you feel about wrapping up your own content, ‘Going Seventeen 2020’?

Jeonghan: I’m really glad that all the members prepared the content they wanted and showed it to our CARATs. We will prepare more even more interesting content in 2021.


Q2. Each member played as a host under the theme of Monthly Seventeen. Are you satisfied with the content that reflected your opinion? And what did you feel afterward?

Dokyeom: “MYSTERY MYSTERY” was the start of the Going Seventeen 2020 so I felt a bit pressured, but it was such a wonderful memory for me. It would be fun to do a bigger-scale “MYSTERY MYSTERY” later on.

Dino: The staff members had such great senses. They were spot on in materializing our ideas, and moreover, we got to enjoy it more because it was based on our own ideas. � I think that’s why many people sympathized and laughed with us, and it was all an unforgettable memory for us.


Q3. If there was a moment when you thought that this member had a great ability.

Hoshi: I’m envious of Dokyeom’s instinct in making people laugh and his bright energy. I want to be funny too.

Joshua: Jun. I thought it was amazing how he lied about his ability during the “MOUSEBUSTERS” episode. I didn’t expect it at all and was surprised that I didn’t doubt his lies.

Credit: Pledis Entertainment

Q4. Any new things about yourself that you learned through ‘Going Seventeen 2020’?

Woozi: I never knew that I could laugh this much.

Mingyu: I learned that I actually loved to challenge new things. But bungee jumping is still out of the question.


Q5. When did you laugh the most?

The8: When we were filming for the “TTT” episode. I got to have a great time and talk about various things with our members, so I was just so happy. I think I laughed the most then.

Wonwoo: It was hilarious to see Mingyu and Seungkwan using each other as baits in the “Hide and Seek” episode.


Q6. Last words to your fans.

Seungkwan: I was delighted to make our CARATs from around the world laugh with Going Seventeen 2020. Please look forward to the new Going Seventeen that will be back on Mar 3.


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