Upcoming K-Drama: A Character Guide of the Most Anticipated Action Drama, ‘L.U.C.A.: The Beginning’

Credit: tvN
Credit: tvN

The upcoming tvN drama L.U.C.A. : The Beginning is chase-action sequences about a man named, Ji Oh who is being chased for his special abilities, and a violent crimes detective named, Gu Reum as the two characters battle against a huge conspiracy. L.U.C.A. : The Beginning will premiere on Feburary 1 via tvN.

Kim Hong Sun, the director of Voice1, and The Guest, and Chun Sung Il, the screenwriter of The Slave Hunters and The Pirates, challenged themselves together to create evolution-based action drama.

The title, L.U.C.A., comes from the acronym of Last Universal Common Ancestor – the organism that all species of life descended from. L.U.C.A. : The Beginning centers on a man who is obsessed with the idea of unraveling the secret behind all life forms and creating the perfect human.


Credit: tvN

Kim Rae Won – Ji Oh

Ji Oh is someone who is unsure about who he is, how he got here, and what has happened. The only memory left to him is some building where he has been to, a hand belonging to a guy who was writing and a building where was filled with smoke. He struggles in his lonely battle from the memory that he was abandoned. Ji Oh starts being chased by mysterious figures since the incident that he saved Gu Reum, a detective who plays another central character, from her sudden heart attack after a car accident. Ji Oh runs away to evade his pursuers at the beginning, yet decides to fight against the huge conspiracy as Gureum is put in danger caused by himself.


Credit: tvN

Lee Da Hee – Gu Reum

A police detective, Gu Reum was transferred from the Major Crime Investigative unit after trying to expose the corruption of her boss. Her parents vanished since they left home with a mysterious child when she was a young child. As a detective, Gu Reum tries to unravel the truth behind her parents’ disappearance. In the meanwhile, Gu Reum learns that Ji Oh is the one who saved her life when she was dying from a car accident in the midst of an investigation. Gu Reum gets a hint of Ji Oh’s special abilities and suspects that Ji Oh might have murdered her parents. But she melts into his lonely world as the investigation goes on.


Credit: tvN

Kim Sung Oh – Lee Son

The villain, Lee Son is the operative who used to be a part of the Special Forces. He pursues Ji Oh over his own set of beliefs that murdering is an act of patriotism. But his constant failure leads himself to a dead end.


Credit: tvN

Park Hyuk Kwon – Kim Chul Soo

Kim Chul Soo is the secret person in charge of the L.U.C.A. project at the National Intelligence Service.


Kim Sang Ho – Choi Jin Hwan

Choi Jin Hwan is the leader of the Violent Crimes team. He implements strict training for Gu Reum in the respect of her safety.


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