Energetic Stills Released for ‘Double Patty’ Starring Shin Seung Ho and Bae Joo Hyun

Credit: kth, Pan Cinema

Double Patty is a high-calorie movie that charges viewers with energy just by watching it. The movie unveiled 14 different press stills that deliciously capture Shin Seung Ho and Bae Joo Hyun.

Credit: kth, Pan Cinema

The film is about encouraging stories of the rising Ssireum athlete Woo Ram (played by Shin Seung Ho) and an aspiring anchor Hyun Ji (played by Bae Joo Hyun) as they become each other’s’ strength and comfort after a hard day. Shin Seung Ho’s perfect body, unique acting with Bae Joo Hyun’s attractive character depictions are attracting attention as the press stills feature the two’s stories.

The photos stimulate curiosity about the characters’ stories within the film as they seem frustrated as they run toward their dreams but do not give up and challenge themselves. Shin Seung Ho, the rising star of Ssireum, can be seen to despair over the sudden death of his senior. (Translator’s Note: Ssiruem is Korean wrestling.) However, one cannot help but smile at the sight of him eating spicy pork rice piled up like a mountain, as a way to recover from his pain. Bae Joo Hyun also tries her best as an aspiring anchor but has her days when things don’t work out as she wants them to. Drinking Somaek alone, she demonstrates a rather relatable character. (T/N: Somaek is a Korean cocktail made with soju and beer.) Both actors are expected to each provide a variety of enjoyable scenes on the screen.

Credit: kth, Pan Cinema

A sweet still of the two finally together can be seen in the hamburger shop which Bae Joo Hyun works part-time. The scene where they bring hamburgers they always ordered and the scene where they are having a deep talk with Somaek, raise curiosity about what synergy they will provide together. They are especially expected to present eating scenes that will stimulate the audience’s appetite, providing delicious energy that will rid of hardships at least for a while.

Double Patty, an energy-charging movie that hinted at the two actors’ refreshing chemistry, will be released on February 17th.

Credit: kth, Pan Cinema


Source: kth, Pan Cinema

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